Video Production Worksheet

1. What is the purpose of the video?

We often speak with companies who want to "create a video to put on their website." Sure, producing a video for your website is essential because videos can communicate the most information in the shortest amount of time. But investing in a video isn't just about checking a box. Not only could this approach result in a confusing message, but it makes measuring success really difficult.

Create a well-thought-out vision for your video that's written down and successfully answers the question, "What exactly are we trying to achieve by producing this video?"

2. Who is your target audience?

A lot of organizations get caught up in who they are and what they're all about. Those things are really crucial – but they have to be communicated in a way that resonates with the audience you're trying to reach. Answering this question first will help to set the tone for messaging, visuals, music selection, and other considerations.

3. What are my key messages?

Many companies try to say everything in one video and end up failing to say anything valuable at all. You have to determine what it is you’re really trying to say and figure out the most important aspects of the message that must be communicated to successfully pass on the information to your target audience. (Showing up one day with a camera in one hand and microphone in the other probably won’t set you up to produce an amazing video.)

The easiest way to avoid information overload is to come up with 3 key messages that you want to communicate in your video. Hone in on those messages and make sure they’re clear, concise, and conducive to educating, inspiring, or influencing your audience.